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At MCCS, we have all the technical skills, expertise to provide screen services for film producers all over Victoria and Australia in general. We have the system experts and technical staff that you require to help you with screen services during your production.

As the film production hub for Victoria, we have access to the best equipment and expertise. We have worked with both experienced, veteran, and newbie film producers, and through this, we have been able to identify what works best in what situation.

Screen services cover all the equipment and techniques that are needed for the processing and transmission of both analogue and digital television signals. We have the equipment to help you meet the demands of the evolving market. Screen services available also include headend solutions, DAB and TV transmitters, microwave links, etc.

There are several kinds of transmitter equipment available, from the liquid to air-cooled transmitters in various power outputs from 60kW to 1mW. There is also other equipment needed for production, such as GPS locking, ASI conversion, auto changeover switching, and multi-channel systems that can offer as many as eight redundant configurations. With our screen services, we ensure improved coverage and far better production than you could imagine.

With all the technical aspects handled by us, you have the freedom to create without worrying about anything going wrong. Nothing beats having experts handle all the technical parts of the jobs effectively when you are the director or producer. We are able to do this because we first discuss with you to understand what your cinematic goals are, then we make it our job to provide screen services that match those goals. Many of the film producers who have worked with us in the past have been surprised by how well we were able to meet their screen demands. This is only possible because we effectively combine technical mastery with high-quality equipment.

Whatever kind of production you have in mind and what your cinematic requirements might be. Working at and with Melbourne Central City Studio gives you access not just to high-quality stages for your productions but also excellent screen services, which ensures that everything turns out perfectly. It doesn’t matter whether it is your debut production or you have been doing this for a long time. Working with us is always a unique and worthwhile experience.