Production Equipment

The tools you need to make a film

When it comes to producing a film or television, you need several types of equipment, from the camera to the sounds to the lights. It is rare for any film production company to have all the equipment they need to make a film. There are companies that specialise in the supply of different types of equipment for hire, and they are usually your best bet when producing a film. Here are some of the companies:

Tri-Point Rigging Services

It was formed in September 1998 and provides and coordinates Rigging services. Films and TV productions that it has worked on in the past include – Farscape Series I, II, III, IV and Mini-Series, Potato Factory, Bootmen, Mars Red/Planet, Moulin Rouge, Lantana, Star Wars, Invincibles, Down & Under (Kangaroo Jack), The Quiet American, Garage Days, Matrix 2/3, Anaconda II, Man-Thing, Stealth, Son of the Mask, King Kong, House of Wax, Ghostrider, The Ruins, Nim’s Island, Avatar, The Pacific, as well as many smaller productions and TV commercials.

Primarily focusing on the Rigging requirements of the Film Industry, Tri-Point Rigging has acquired a considerable stock of Rigging equipment we feel is most suitable for Film Rigging. We continue to acquire, update and research/design specialised Rigging Equipment. Our equipment is in excellent condition, readily available and priced competitively. We offer this equipment for hire, installed to your requirements or on a dry-hire basis.

All three Tripoint Directors supervise hands-on, which ensures our clients always receive the best possible service. We are also available to be employed individually as Rigging Coordinators or Advisers for specific projects. Tri-Point can also supply Riggers on an hourly/daily/weekly rate basis or refer them to agencies or productions to employ directly.

The company also supplied crew and equipment for numerous concerts and special events, including Sydney Olympics IBC, Rugby World Cup 2003, M2006, WYD08, Big Day Out 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, Rolling Stones Bigger Bang, Green Day, Jamiroquai.


This company supplies sound equipment of various kinds for the film and television industry. When it comes to voice recording devices, this company is one of the major suppliers.

Aerial Camera Systems

This company was established by Peter Allwork in 1979 and specialises in providing the film and television industry with cutting edge aerial Cinematographic equipment. The company has become a specialist in this field over time as client demand and the company quest to provide a unique service continues to push to new heights. It is now a globally recognised company in the field of camera supply. ACS doesn’t just rent out all kinds of high-quality cameras; it also provides the personnel to operate the cameras.


This company also rents out cameras to the film industry. It has been in operations since 1986, and within that period, it has shot a lot of movies, feature films, television dramas, documentaries, mini-series, etc.