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Once you decide that you want to take filmmaking seriously, there are certain challenges that you will face. One of the biggest challenges is with equipment. No matter how creative you are or a million ideas you have in your head, the one thing you will surely need is equipment. Equipment is what makes your film ideas a concrete thing. After all, it is only by recording it that you can finally say you have made a film. Finding the right audio and video equipment for your film can be very tricky, and it definitely requires money. Equipment doesn’t come cheap at all.

Whether you are a production company, an independent producer, a freelance or even a hobbyist, you will need to have access to certain equipment to produce the kind of film you want. Of course, the standard and quality of equipment you will need will differ greatly. For a hobbyist, for example, they may not need more than a camcorder and maybe some lighting at best. The same doesn’t apply to someone producing a blockbuster. This means the bigger or more ambitious the project is, the more expensive and complex the equipment you will need.

When it comes to the equipment you need as a filmmaker, there are multiple options that you can explore. Generally, there is some equipment that is best hired for the project and some you will have to buy. Whichever way you choose; they are major investments that cost money.

Some of the equipment you will need for filmmaking include:


Audio equipment is what captures and records all the sounds in the film, from actors’ voices, ambient sounds to the performance and everyday sound that a Foley team creates. Having the best audio equipment is essential. The fact that different audio equipment serves different purposes means there is a lot to learn and understand about sound equipment. For instance, the microphone will record the voices, but you will need mixers to balance the audio levels.

The audio is extremely important, and while it is possible to ignore minor problems in the video, such problems with the audio can be troubling because the viewers will not hear what is happening.  It is thus necessary to get all the right audio equipment so that your film can have the best sound possible.

Camera and Video

Without a doubt, the camera is the most important equipment you need for filmmaking. There are so many cameras in the market, from DSLR cameras to mirrorless ones. While many filmmakers use these cameras and they do a good job, there are other types of dedicated cameras that are designed for digital films solely. It is always good to know the kind of camera you need, whether it is the ones that work in low light or otherwise. Shooting conditions and whether you’re shooting stills or videos determine which camera is best. Beyond the basic cameras, there are cinema and broadcast cameras which often have monitors or a space for external monitors as well as interchangeable lenses, which makes it possible to have multiple types of shots.

Camera Accessories

These are the accessories that help you to put the cameras to the best use, and there are lots of accessories serving different purposes. These accessories generally improve camera functionality. It could be anything from a lens to a cable.

A core accessory is the camera control unit which is usually used in live television production. Depending on the complexity or capability of the controlling unit, it is possible to attach it to a single camera unit or multiple ones and control them based on what you want. Camera lenses are another important accessory. It is important to go for the right lenses and ensure they will work efficiently with the camera. There are universal lenses that work for all types of cameras as well as those that are specific to a type. Knowing this from the onset is important. The shot you’re taking will also determine the kind of lens you will use. For instance, a macro lens is not the way to go for panoramic shots. Lenses help you achieve the necessary shots for your project, which is why you must identify which lens will work.

Camera support is also needed for filmmaking. There are several types with different results. Camera sliders, for example, are great when you just need to move the camera from one place to the other on a smooth surface. There are programmable and manual sliders that will keep your camera movement stable and steady. There are also body stabilisers for heavy camera rigs in need of support to be steady. There are also handheld stabilisers suitable for on the go documentaries or movies. Of course, a traditional tripod is still an option, and you can consider a dolly so you can track the shots.


For aerial shots, this equipment is very necessary, and you will find quite a number of drones in the market. Each drone has its peculiarities; while some have mounts, some don’t. Control systems and range also differ, and your purpose will eventually determine what you go for.

Light sources

No matter how powerful your camera is, you can’t rely solely on its on-board light. You will have an additional source of light, and there are several options available, from three-point lighting setup to other more complex ones such as spot metre or centimetre. You will also need other light accessories such as clamps, stands, booms, etc. Barn Doors, gels, diffusers, and filters will also help you in making the most of your lighting setup.

Editing Equipment

This is also essential for excellent post-production and could be anything from machines to the software. There is editing equipment for videos and audios.

The importance of the right equipment cannot be overemphasised no matter what you are filming. Whether it is an independent film, a documentary, music video, feature film, television, commercial, etc., you need the right equipment.

Obtaining financing

If you are planning to invest in film equipment, there are lots of factors at play, from the funds you will need to buy the equipment to the fact that you have to consider technological advancements.

At MCCS, we have financial partners who will help you to get the equipment you need. These financial companies represent the easiest and fastest way for you to get the funding you need to acquire film equipment. These financial firms are very flexible in terms of the deals that they offer without all the stress that usually accompanies getting equipment finance.

Equipment Finance

Equipment finance refers to a form of commercial or business finance that is focused on getting the equipment the borrower needs for their business. It is essential to have access to this form of finance because it is not everyone that can afford to pay cash for the equipment they need. In a sector like the film industry, this equipment can be very costly and only large production companies can afford to buy them outright.

For others, the option they have is equipment finance which can come in multiple ways such as equipment loan, hire purchase, commercial chattel mortgage, lease, etc.

Equipment finance interest rates

When getting equipment finance, one of the first things to pay attention to is the interest rate. This is because it is the interest rate that is the actual cost of the loan. A high-interest rate might affect you especially given that you will have to pay the interest every month or week (depending on a repayment plan) with their repayments. There are many factors that determine the interest rate. Credit score or rating could affect, which is why high credit rating is best as it will lower the rate.

The type of finance you are getting matters. Secured equipment finance which has collateral attached will generally attract a lower interest rate than unsecured equipment finance. You should also consider the length of the repayment period because this can make even the lowest interest rate amount to something substantial when accumulated.

Equipment Finance calculator

This is an online tool that you can use to determine the overall cost of your equipment finance deal. When getting equipment finance, it can be difficult to calculate the overall cost and the financial implication of the loan without the help of a financial expert. With the financial calculator, doing that has become very easy because all you need is to simply input the terms of the loan or finance into the form, and the online calculator will let you know where you stand. It is an easy way to know how much you can afford to borrow, how long it will take you to repay, the suitable interest rate, etc.

Getting film equipment finance can be tricky if you don’t know where to go. We can lead you to the right lenders and financial companies.