The Ideal Spot

Location matters a lot because it is what determines accessibility. In picking the spot for MCCS, this was fully considered, which means we are located in a place where we are easily accessible to everyone.

Just 15 minutes from Melbourne’s 24 hour International and Domestic Airport via the CityLink Tollway

It is conveniently located close to Rail links, Light Rail (trams) and Bus links. Two trams stop at our front door via the city and run about every 15 minutes during peak hours.

Just a short walk from Melbourne’s Central Business District and the Southern Cross Rail Station. The Bourke Street Pedestrian Bridge, which winds around the southern side of Telstra Dome, provides direct access to the Rail Station and the City Centre.

Water access for boats and dock facilities in Victoria Harbour with direct access to the bay.

There are heliports located nearby

Easy access via freeways to Victoria’s coastal beaches and countryside

Easy access to over 17,000 hotel rooms within the Central Business District

The location of the facility is completely perfect in all the ways it can be thought of, further reinforcing the notion of a film-friendly Melbourne that authorities have been working hard to establish for a while now. In fact, it is considered the most suitably located studio complex in the southern hemisphere.

How to access the studio?

Regardless of where you’re coming from in Melbourne, getting access to the studio complex is quite simple. You even have the chance to make use of different forms of transport depending on the one that is most convenient for you. Whether it is by road, air, or water, you can easily reach the studio without even needing to ask anyone for directions. Of course, you could ask if you wish to. Its prime location makes it a hub not just for artistic and creative purposes but also for commercial purposes as well. This explains why there are already plans in motion to construct a commercial building in the area, which will further boost the popularity of the place and attract more people to the studio complex in the long run.  The location of the studio is one of its biggest selling points and is expected to remain so for some time. Coupled with this is the fact that the studio is equipped with lots of facilities which makes it an ideal place.

The location is further complemented by the proximity of the studio to many top accommodation spots in Melbourne. With access to around 17,000 hotel rooms within the CBD, actors and filmmakers who are using the studio can have a place to stay that is very close to the studio.