Getting to know Us

Melbourne Central City Studios (MCCS) is a Film and TV complex built specifically for that purpose in the Asia Pacific Rim. We began operations in 2004.

It is designed to satisfy all the production needs and requirements of the modern filmmaker, MCCS is part of Docklands redevelopment in Melbourne and it is only few minutes from the centre of the city.

The Docklands is prime spot in the city for business, entertainment, and leisure. It is filled with serviced apartments, waterfront hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes all within strolling distance.

Melbourne Central City Studios comprises five purpose-built state-of-the-art sound stages with additional stages to be added. The sound stages range in size from 743 square meters (8,000 square feet) to 2,232 square metres (25,000 square feet)

All Stages have silent air-conditioning with ample 3 phase power and parking. Attached to each stage are buildings that house comprehensive production support facilities, including make-up rooms, green rooms, star dressing rooms, and general-purpose spaces. Upper floors house self-contained production offices with full telecommunications and computer networking facilities.

The Complex also has a warehouse/workshop area of over 6,793 square metres (73,096 square feet), which has access to full telecommunications and computer networking facilities. This area can also be used for storage.

MCCS also has plans to expand with a multi-story office tower being considered that will house a variety of service companies associated with the industry.

For more than ten years, MCCS has been the choice facility for filmmakers not only in Victoria and Australia but also those from other countries shooting in Australia. The studio stands out for many reasons. This includes;

Multiple Facilities

Melbourne Central City Studio houses five sound stages of various sizes. All of them have silent air-conditioning with well-equipped support annexes, which include production offices, kitchenettes, Make-up Room, star Dressing Rooms, Wardrobe Area, Green Room, Holding Bar, Male & Female Showers & Toilets, disabled toilets, and more. There is also a craft shop/workshop, and the parking space available is ample by all standards.


The Central location of the studio complex also makes it the perfect place for all productions. It is close to thousands of premium accommodation in the city, and its proximity to transportation services is incredible. It is why many filmmakers prefer using it. The location also means that there are scenic views all around. Directly across from Melbourne Central City Studios is the waterfront precinct of the Docklands. Included in this area is Waterfront City that hosts a unique production lifestyle with apartments, restaurants, bars, fast food/convenience stores all at arms.

Excellent Service

MCCS provides filmmakers with excellent services and connects them with service providers for all their needs. Plans are so already in motion to house film industry service companies in the proposed multi-tower expansion.