Film Crew

We have film crew members available

Melbourne’s finest Crew & Film Technicians are available to you for your next production as long as you go through us. Drawing on solid industry knowledge and experience, we have created a service that focuses on meeting the needs of Production Companies.

We provide an innovative and progressive service, one which fully embraces technology while never forgetting the importance of the personal touch! At MCCS, we offer Crew & Film Technicians complete Secure Online Diary Management, accessible to them 24/7, and we have an up-to-the-minute list of Crew & Film Technician Available Online, with a 2-3 line synopsis on each member and flagging new listings. You also get to see the individual professional profiles of each film crew technician and have access to the Online.

Not only that, but you will also find the list of Crew & Film Technicians’ Equipment available online. With an automated CV maintenance program for the Crew and Film Technicians on our list, their skills are always up to date, so you can make a quick choice on who you want. We also offer after-hours phone service to Production Companies and our Crew & Film Technicians; we are never more than a phone call away.

With the right crew and film technicians in charge of all technical aspects of the production, the producer and the cast can focus their different roles in the production. Nothing beats having experts on the job, and this is what you get with our film crew.

Whatever kind of production, we have the right crew for you. Working with Melbourne Central City Studio gives you access to excellent and highly skilled professionals who will get the job done the right way. It doesn’t matter whether it is your debut production or you have been doing this for a long time. Working with us is always a unique and worthwhile experience.

Available crew members include:

Story Editor

Get your screenplay straightened out and in the best shape for possible development and production.

Dialogue Coach

There are experts dialogue coaches available who will prepare the actors for the dialogues, help them with their lines as well as dialect and accents where necessary.

Costume Designer

Finding the right costume designers who will capture the essence of the production, interpret the characters appropriately and depict the whole style of the production can be easily done through us.

We have all the kinds of film crew members that you may require, from the pre-production crew members, like the one listed above, to the production crew and the post-production. The success of any film or television production is not limited to the quality of the cast alone but perhaps even more importantly, the invisible crew that ensures everything works as it should. You get that high-quality crew through us.

At Film Crew, service matters to us, because we know it matters to you!