About Melbourne

Get to know the city

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is not regarded as the cultural capital for no reason. This vibrant cosmopolitan city is renowned for its style, among many other unique qualities that make it a hub for filmmakers in Australia and beyond. Experiencing Melbourne means experiencing something that is truly unique and diverse. It is a place very popular for its various cuisine from different cultures as well as the multiple restaurants and art and entertainment venues.

The city is also popular for its many recreational and sporting facilities. There is practically no time of the year that you will come here and won’t find an event holding. The calendar is active all year round, and popular events include the Australian Open Tennis, Melbourne Cup Horserace, Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, and the Australian Rules Football.

The city is the one of the most liveable cities in the world, according to a survey where voters voted on where they would like to live. It is also one of the top cities in terms of value for money. It offers a bayside lifestyle that is a unique and enjoyable experience for everyone. The diverse architectural style of Melbourne also provides location streetscapes similar to what you will find in cities such as Paris, Lindon, or New York.

A drive into the countryside surrounding the city will show you the snowfields and deserts as well the rolling meadows and golden beaches. Explore the rocky canyons and lush forests of the region.

Melbourne has all you need in a place, whether it is art, entertainment, sports, food, etc.

Melbourne Art Scene

The city hosts a booming art scene with over 100 galleries ranging from commercial galleries to artist cooperative to public institutions.  The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia is right there in Melbourne. It is the first public gallery with a focus on Australian art, and the National Gallery of Victoria is in this city too.

The density of commercial galleries in Melbourne is one of the highest, and most of them are located along Flinders Lane, right in the city centre. There are galleries with a focus on indigenous art. If you’re looking for an outdoor art experience, Herring Island, Heide Museum of Modern Art or Linden Arts Centre places you should check out.

Yarra Valley

This is a place for the holiday retreat you’ve been thinking of taking all this while. Home to more than 55 wineries, it is where the Victorian wine industry started, and it is the place for you to taste the best wines in Australia, from sparkling wines to pinot noir. There are also exquisite accommodations available in this place too. From the private guesthouses to luxury cottages to five-star hotels, everything is in Yarra Valley.

Yarra Valley is not the only place blessed with world-class accommodation in Melbourne. In fact, in any part of the city, you find yourself, you will find the choicest accommodation options too.